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On Networking Events

They can feel:

- awkward

- taxing

- nerve-wrecking

- painful

- too long and drawn out

- like a waste of time

- like a test

- like everyone already knows each other

- like it's just a social event and not

 actually helpful

Trust me, I know.

That's why my friends and  I

started The Food Node

But I know you can't always and only attend Food Nodes!

And networking events shouldn't have to feel so awful.

Which is why I want to help people when it comes to how they connect and communicate.


My experience and skills in storytelling, public speaking and being a small talk master can help you make real connections; build relationships and turn that good rapport into a profitable referral.


There are ways to truly make the most out of going to other networking events. 


Let's Work Together

Events | Trainings | Workshops

Looking for an Event Buddy to

attend your next Networking Event?

Want help making it through the same old plain introductions and awkward conversations you just want to slide out of?


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