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Team Building
Bonding & Strengthening

A team is not a group of people who work together.

A team is a group of people who trust each other.


We believe that true teamwork happens through trust and compassion.

You can't work effectively with someone you can't trust, so we don't just do the traditional team-building with workshops, post-its, and whiteboards in your office, we take you outside (literally).

There is a beautiful, and powerful bond that happens when you can learn to trust someone outdoors. So we decided to share that experience with people who could use that magic in the workplace.

With our Partners at To The Moon Industries, we take you on outdoor adventures, fun activities, and interesting events that build camaraderie, self-resilience and allow you to strengthen your relationship with your team and yourself.

You'll feel inspired, and tap into what makes you resilient, and what brings out the fire in you to overcome challenges. Out here, you'll learn how to support each other when faced with obstacles and discover how to overcome them together.


Coming in 2022

Upcoming Team Events,

Activities & Adventures

Rumble Boxing - Anchorage

Gun Range at Rabbit Creek - Anchorage

Hike along Coastal Trail - Anchorage

Morning Yoga - Virtual

Turnagain Arm Hike - Anchorage

Kincaid Bike Ride - Anchorage

Team Obstacle Course - Wasilla

Zumba Class - Virtual 


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